Airtec RM-320

– manufacturer AIRTEC (Switzerland)
– 32 cm milling width
– drive:
electric 11.0 kW, 32A, 3-phase
combustion Hatz / Honda, 10KM
– the motor turns the milling head and the hydraulic motor
– hydraulic motor provides smooth adjustment of the work feed (forward-back, slower-faster)
– weight about 339 kg
– smooth adjustment of the milling depth – a mechanism based on a screw
– thickness of the milled layer up to 1 cm with softer concrete
– possibility of using heads:

for the deepest milling
for the smoothest possible milling
for special effects
for removing layers of thermoplastics, resins
– the possibility of connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner which completely eliminates the escape of dust outside the milling machine
– Hydraulic feed infeed causes minimization of unevenness after milling
– the differential allows milling in curves
– comfortable service
– CE mark